Multi award winning Leveraged & Equity Risk Mitigation Limited (LERM), is wholly owned subsidiary of Leveraged & Equity Global Capital (UK) Limited which trades as Leveraged & Equity Investment Partners. LERM is an independent, expert, advisor on the transfer of project, construction, exploitation, manufacture or intangible risk, and subsequent operational and business risk, to investment grade counterparty risk. LERM’s creative risk mitigated architecture and managerial skills are integrated into your strategic business visions and plans providing tangible value to our clients.
LERM uses proprietary structuring, risk mitigation and intellectual property in conjunction with established systems and institutional risk purchasing markets for the deployment of risk transferred business operations, projects or infrastructure.
It is also retained Leveraged & Equity Global Capital S.A. (L&EGC), specialist financiers, as their risk mitigation and transfer advisor.
Blending the best principles and methods of business, risk management and banking. The Directors, led by our award winning CEO, Chris Bardouleau, regard independence; transparency; excellent service to clients and partners; market-leading expertise; honesty, integrity and fairness essential in all dealings.