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LERM's operational, and legal, base is the United Kingdom (UK).
Through our partnership  with the Leveraged & Equity Global Capital companies  we can utilise European Union and USA facilities and presence.
In early 2021 they opened their first European Union office to ensure practical access to, and legal compliance with the EU, post Brexit.
That office was based in  Athens, Greece . It has since been re-located to Spain where the group already had business interests.
In the third quarter of 2022 they opened an office in the USA.  Spokane, Washington DC. Washington whilst being the home of the USA government, is also a thriving marketplace for ideas, inclusive innovation, and invention. Spokane itself is considered one of the most welcoming of U.S. cities. 
Concluding a busy start logistically to the early 2020s their Spanish office opened in the last quarter of 2022 in one of the classic Barcelona streets, synonymous with business and enterprise, Carrer De Paris.
In 2023, the Barcelona office , a city world renowned for it’s flair, individuality and business excellence, will become their joint operational base along with the existing office in  Berkeley Square, Mayfair.

For directions to our office, a link to Google maps is located by hovering over the image.
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London, United Kingdom

35 Berkeley Square, London, United Kingdom, W1J 5BF
Tel: +44 870 915 2649